Tuesday, June 15, 2010

no. 030 - "two stars"

© 2010 Heather Hingst Bennett
“Two Stars"
6″ x 6"
oil on gesso board

My son was very excited one day when he came home from school and told me that apples have stars in them! If you cut an apple through it's core you will see it.

I am having such a hard time keeping on schedule. I know when it's time for my son to go back to school I'll have a groove going and then I'll have to change all over again! That's life!

I really like to get my daily painting done right away so I don't have to worry about it. Lately things keep coming up! I also have to pick a time when I think I'll have the least interruptions. Thinking about being interrupted will deter me from painting more than anything.

For example today I had to be somewhere by 1:00. I couldn't start my painting before so, I just tried to get other stuff done. I could have had my painting done, but I don't want to feel rushed! OH WELL!!

I really like todays painting because the colors remind me of my grandmothers. The blue green color reminds me of my mother's mother, Beth Muller, and the pink background and the red of the apples remind me of my father's mother, Eula Marie Hingst.

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