Saturday, March 19, 2011

"tiny" - SOLD

©2011 Heather Hingst Bennett
6″(w) x 8″(h), oil on canvas panel


I have officially moved over to my new blog/web site Please stop by and see me over there. Thanks!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


© 2011 Heather Hingst Bennett
6″x6″, acrylic on canvas panel

Originally painted on March 14, 2011.

I painted this for the Daily Paintworks Color of White Challenge. The challenge was to place a mostly white object on a piece of print fabric and observe what happens to the white object AND you could only use primary and secondary colors. Pop on over and see what others have come up with.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"patriotic polish" - SOLD

“Patriotic Polish”
© 2011 Heather Hingst Bennett
8″x6″ oil on canvas panel

I have A LOT of paintings to show you. I think from now on I’m going to post them when they are dry and ready to go in my Etsy shop, painted chic. I’m a horrible photographer and they look so much better when I use the scanner.

Notice anything different? I ran out of 6″x6″ canvas panels, so I’ve been trying some different sizes. Today’s painting is 8″(w) x 6″(h). It has kind of thrown me for a loop. I’ve been painting 6-inch square for quite some time, but I’m getting the hang of a few different sizes.


It is March 13 and I have 12 paintings completed. I’m behind by one painting!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

catching up

First, Monday's painting.

"The Last Piece"
© 2011 Heather Hingst Bennett
6"x6" oil on canvas panel

Still a little wonky. But better than my first try.

For today I decided to try something I have been thinking about for a while. How to incorporate some mixed media techniques with oils. So, I got out a background I had prepared this summer, masonite board with scrapbook paper pieces glued to it. I applied a few coats of clear gesso to the top of the paper pieces and drew my cake. Then I painted over it with oil paints.

For those of you who don't know, it's generally a no-no to mix acrylic paints and oils paints. It's the way they dry and if you mix them, you might get some cracking.

It was really a lot of fun. It was fun to just play a bit. I get way to serious painting still lifes. Which reminds me...I'm going to taking a class in May with Robert Burridge. I really can't wait! He's all about having fun and painting freely...I'm pretty anal when I paint. So, I think this will be really good for me. Plus it's in acrylics. A medium I'm really having a hard time mastering.

The problem with acrylics...they dry so fast! I mean super fast. Before I can blend them. I do have a little something up my sleeve I'm going to try with acrylics tomorrow.

Monday, March 7, 2011

definately a monday

I painted this morning and really didn't like what I came up with. I thought it would grow on me, so I went out to run some errands, made dinner and went back to check on it. I still didn't like it. So, it's back to the drawing board for me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

a sweet weekend

Sorry for the bad picture, but please say “hello!” to “Cherry Bomb No. 1″ (left) and “Cherry Bomb No. 2″ (right).

Is it just me or did the weekend go by too fast for you to? Really, the weekend is the same as a week day for me. Except it’s painting with more distractions and people in the house. I have to say I’m doing really well with the daily painting goal for March. Yeah!

Hope you had a sweet weekend!

Friday, March 4, 2011

acrylic or oil

Today I painted the cat eye sunglasses with acrylics. The painting on the left is in acrylics and the one on the right is oil paints. Which do you like better?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"cat eye"

"Cat Eye"
©2011 Heather Hingst Bennett
6"x6", oil on canvas panel

I had a lot of fun painting this today. There's still a little work to be done on it. I have to wait for the paint to dry a little before I really add the highlights. I think tomorrow I'll paint it again using acrylics.

Here's a fun Web site full of vintage eye glasses.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 in 3

February 28 :: “Red Alert – Lipstick”
March 1 :: “Orange Crush”
March 2 :: “That Way”
pictured from left to right

Three paintings completed in 3 days…yes, I’m back at the “daily painting” challenge. I’m trying to paint a painting a day for the month of March. Hopefully, if I can do it for 31 days I can continue and do a full year of paintings.