Friday, October 1, 2010

"pumpkin impostor" - Sold

This was my first still life painting...ever! I think I've made some improvements. What will my paintings look like if I paint one daily for a year? I hope to find out!!

Here is painting number one in my second attempt to paint one painting a day for a year!

© 2010 Heather Hingst Bennett
6″ x 6″ acrylic on canvas panel

It’s good to be painting these small paintings again. I think this time I will be able to keep up and stay on target to create one painting a day for the next year.

This is one of those super cute gourdes that looks like a white pumpkin. I love white pumpkins, but gourds work very well for these small paintings.

I also just want to thank everyone who has been stopping by and leaving comments. It's amazing how those virtual visits make my day!!

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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL. great job. I love it...nice colors, too! I just put a bunch of these in a big silver bowl, too! So fun!